Update on the the tic bite of doom.

Most of you know that I was admitted to the ER in the local hospital after coming home From Basic Survival 1 two weekends ago and some have been asking about it.

Roomers of my death have been highly exaggerated.

Sometime before the class I  incurred a tick that buried itself in my skin. It infected me with ulceric tularemia and lodged itself so well that we could not get it out. I noticed a rash and clear leakage during the trip but didn’t think much of it until the final day as there are plants in the are that can cause the same. Sunday the week of the trip I had my wife and one of the other instructors look at it and it was determined that I had a tic and a nasty infection in my right arm, by Sunday night when we got home the infection and the rash traveled most of the way from my arm pit to my forearm and I made the decision to got in to the ER and have it checked out.

The doc on call at the ER determined that we had not removed all of the tick and ended up having to removed a small bit of flesh as the tic was lodged to far into the growing skin ulcer to remove by any other method. I was given three stitches to add to my collection (I am up to 23 now!) and a script for doxycycline I was released to heal.

As of Friday almost two weeks after. The rash is gone but I still have some pain in my forearm.

There are two things I have taken away from this experience.


When the world falls apart it isn’t the big things that will kill most of us its the small things.


Always carry a small mirror. You never know when you will have to inspect some place odd.

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