I needed a fire.

Some days you just need to burn something……….in the wood stove so you can heat water for tea.

Today was one of those days. I don’t know what it is but something about having a small fire going in the stove just puts me at ease.

Last fall I made the pledge to try to light every fire in the stove with a flint and steel. Save for a few days when time was short I have stuck by my pledge.

I had an old cat tail lying around and decided to give that a go as the nest and use my kukri to do most of the prep work (more on that later) but I cheated and used my trusty Mora for the fat wood shavings. As it turns out I didn’t need to.

With the fire lay set I struck a spark onto a bit of char cloth and carefully folded it into my nest. I found the cat tail to like to smolder and it did so very well while I stacked the rest of my fire lay. It did not like to make the transition from ember to flame well nor did it like to stay on fire but with the addition of some Adler shavings and small twigs the fire had a start in the world. The cat tail did well and requires less prep than cedar bark fluff but doesn’t hold a flame as well.

But! Adler does and in no time at all the kettle was singing the song of my people.

Today is looking up! I think I will go play with my kukri! 🙂

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