A Cautionary Tale

They say the Devil is in the details and he really is. It’s the small things that pose the most risk day-to-day and its so very odd how big a small thing can get in no time at all.

Friday night I rolled up in my hammock and noted some pain under my right arm. On further investigation I found I had a rash that was issuing a clear liquid. There are several plants in the area that can cause skin issues on contact so I didn’t think very much of it until Sunday when the itching and joint pain started.

Some time in the week prior to the camp out I can incurred a tick that had buried itself in me and caused an infection that was spreading up my arm!

All attempts to removed the little jerk failed and we decided to give up and see how it was when i got home……..4 hours later it was worse.

Into the hospital I go.

I was only in the exam room maybe 10 minuets before the doc on call saw me and was able to determine that the tick head was still there and that I would need to undergo a small surgery and a course of antibiotics to kill the infection.

I was luck in that it was not lime but had it gone untreated it would have eventually ended in my untimely demise after a long and unpleasant battle with infection.

Everyone is worried about the zombies in the zombie apocalypse, I am more concerned I will get the flu. 😉

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