Hitting the paper!

Hey guys sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been busy with all sorts of fun stuff I promise I will post up later. đŸ˜‰

I got time a few days ago to take my 24″ barrel Radical Firearms 6.5 Grendel out and get her set up at 197 yards. I would have gone further but this shooting lane does not allow for it.

I haven’t done much shooting with this rifle and have had the scope off and on other guns, so after some sighting I Started playing with some of the hand loads that I and a friend loaded for it last year. She is sporting a Primary arms R-Grid 4-14X44 scope which I love and highly recommend to any budget class precision shooter.

The first loads where some 120Gr Sierra soft points driven by 25Gr of Benchmark with CCI 400 primers. It was interesting to note that I was able to pull off better groups at 197 yards then I was at 120 When checking my zero. The photo above left was the best group with these at 120 yards, most of the rest where between 1.5″ and 3″. Moving out to 197 my groups stayed about 2″.

The next load set to be played with where 120 Nosler #26120 driven by 25Gr of Benchmark and CCi 450 primers. They ended up being a bit high but still not great at 120 yards. Due to a miscalculation on my part the first group at 197 yards was low and right but only 1.3″ equaling .63 MoA! after some new math and corrections she was on target and shoot me a 1″ (.48 MOA)  group at nearly 200 yards!

So far so good.

Next I will get the bit-by-bit rifle I built from pieces I ordered and completely assembled  out and do a right up on building your own med range precision plinker.


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