Indoor play time

I jumped off a bridge today…….ok no really I just joined a forum but sometimes it feels like it.

I have been lurking for a while now and finally took the time to join and introduce myself. I took up their challenge and started BushClass USA. Has given me a chance to go back and work on some of my base skills like feather sticks and sparking fire with ferro rods and things you find in your house. It was cool enough outside for me to use the woodstove so I had some indoor play time. 😀

I had to catch a spark in three man made tinders. For this I chose char-cloth, dryer lint, some fluffed up cotton wicking, steel wool, and some homemade thermite for fun. The next task was to fill a hat with good shavings and make some fuzz sticks. After accomplishing all of this it seemed like a good idea to use all this in the stove and get a fire going. Being a curios one I think I will char some house hold trash in search of something I can use instead f cotton.

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