The great rat trapping escapade episode 2! AKA disappointing day 7.

Yep you guessed it! Everything is as I left it yesterday. 🙁

In 7 days of “trapping” only one day did I even have traps set off and even then most of the bait was still on the triggers. Looks like my cats have me out passed and/or they have simply denuded the place of small fuzzy critters.       Not to be detoured I decided to try a DIY bucket trap like the ones you always see on Pinterest. I have an old bucket and some 1/4″ iron rod that should work fine so I will cruse the road for a soda can as we don’t drink any. 😛

Armed with my newly acquired Coke can I head into the shop and put a bend in the iron rod so it wont run all the way through the bucket.

Finding a drill bit about the same size as the rod I drilled two holes on opposite sides of the rebuke to accept the rod.

After running the rod through I went ahead and drilled my holes in the can and headed back up the hill to the barn. The old hay bails there should work well as a ramp for the little critters to drop by and see whats for their last dinner.

With that done I applied a good spread of P-butter in a line on the center of the can and poked around to see if I could better set the rest of the Victor traps. I ended up leaving two of them and moving a third to just below a hole that seems to have a fair bit of movement into an out of it.

With that done its back to the house for some hot tea and lunch. It has been cold and raining here for the past week.



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