The great rat trapping Escapade!

For years I have carried around a couple of rat traps and a small jar of peanut butter in my bush bag, the idea being that if I needed to I could eat some of the peanut butter and use it as bait to snag some small furry critters to supplement a foraged diet.  Like most busy woodsmen however I have never taken the time to test this method and have no idea if it would be worth the spent energy and food to set out the traps.

Being as its winter and I have no other reason to leave my warm home and wonder the hills I figured I would put the idea to the test in a hay barn about 1/8 mile from the cabin and see what comes of it.

As with any trapping you want to choose traps, bait, and location based on the needs of you prey. It seemed like the hay barn would at least cover the shelter needs of a rat or large mouse and provide at least some of the food needs. I have used peanut butter for trapping mice in the past with great success so it seemed like the natural go-to bait.

On entering the barn I found good sign that my prey used the area frequently and so I figure I should have good success.


Slipping of my day pack I prep the rat traps for action making sure to get the bait (in this case peanut butter) spread on the trigger in such a way as to force the prey to work at it giving a better chance of a spring and a catch.

These Victor traps work well for rats and small critters if care is taken to make sure your bait is through the hole and under the bait catch as well as on the top of the trigger.

With the traps set its time to back out and see what comes of it.

Stay tuned for episode 2 of:

The great rat trapping Escapade!



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