Snow falling on fresh ground.

Always seems like nature has a way of cleaning up. 2016 was a roller coaster of a year with many ups, downs, additions, and subtractions. I’m not really one for the new year new me stuff but 2016 has been a year for change and change has found me ending in the birth of our third child Lief.

Many of you know that I have owned this site since the untimely demise of the last owner and the company it once represented. I have been at a loss for year as to what I should do with it but it seems that 2017 has told me to do something.

So I will.

The last few months here in the Pacific North West have been particularly wet after a long dry summer. It seams as tho mother nature has it in mind to wash away the dirt and grime from a very turbulent 2016. Now she has given us a rare sign of new beginnings.

Snow falling on fresh ground.

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