Weekly Veggie Baskets

We post a produce list every week on Wednesday and we ask that you post your orders as a reply to that list so we may easily keep track of our limited stock, all orders for that week will be taken until noon on Friday at which time the produce will be picked and cleaned in time for pick-up at the Figaro’s parking lot in Coquille at 4pm.

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Maintenance and such.

I did some inspection and maintenance on the sails today. The main sail had a ripped batten pocket that needed to be sewn and is a bit worn. I would guess we can get a season or two out of it in any case.  The jib is in good shape and should last us for a few season. I also found some line I think will work for jib sheet this season so that saves us a few $$.

We have almost completed the sailing class put on by the coos bay yacht club and are trying and to get our selves in to said club before the summer gets to far along. I would recommend this class to anyone here that is interested in sailing, it is a good way to get your feet wet and see how well you like it.

We are really  gunning to get her back in the water and apply what we have learned.

How to make and use a true hobo stove.


During the great depression men and women found themselves with out work or homes, some of them moved into friends and relatives homes and made due with what the could scrape by on. A good number however decided to embrace there situation and become nomads, these people where termed hobos. They did not have access to drills or machine shops so the used what they could carry, back then all beer cans where opened with a can punch and all beer bottle where opened with a bottle opener most of the time the punch and bottle opener where on the same tool as shown below. Post WW2 the P-38 can opener was also available, with these tools we can carry in our pocket we can use the can our soup comes in to make a stove to heat said soup.



The first few steps are as follows, peel the label off of the can and set aside to use as fire starter. Open your can with your P-38 and empty the contents into your metal cup ( one should always have a metal cup but more on that later) be sure to get all the soup out and leave the can as dry as possible so you don’t put out your fire.


Using the can punch make a series of holes around the top and bottom of your can.


The bottom holes will let air in and the top holes will let smoke out, since hot air rises this will setup what is known as a draft. The air will enter the bottom of the can, get heated by the fire, and rise out the smoke holes pulling clean air in for the fire as it does.

Next find your self some small sticks and twigs to get your fire started and cook your soup.



Start building your fire by dropping the label into the can and loosely piling the smallest twigs you find on top until they reach the high of the top of the can.

Light the label through one of the holes in the bottom of the can.


Once your twigs burn down about half way start to add more fuel (larger twigs and sticks) until you get a good fire going.


When you have a good fire place your metal cup on top and your on your way!



New fuel can be added in the holes at the top or you can lift your cup and drop it in, be sure not to clog the holes or your dire will go out.

Good luck and happy trails!


The Points System

We are starting a new points system with Faith today, the “points” are squares of brown and black leather the brown ones are worth 1 point and the black are worth 5. When she gets 5 brown ones she can go to the “bank” and get a black one. The current exchange rate po to usd is 1:1 but if there are not enough po being earned the price may drop..;)


That got me wondering how hard it would be to start my own currency, what would i back it with, and if any of my friends would even use it.

You never know it could be fun!

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